Andrew - Jason Carrera - 01

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Cindy Shine, whose point of view we are following, is lounging on the couch and looking at some photographs of her lovers Andrew and Jason Carrera when they enter the house with their bags. It would seem that they had been away for quite some time; hence, they go in closer to her and kiss her. They realize how much they’ve missed her and begin to coo and whisper sweet nothings to her as they begin to gently stroke her body.

They slowly kiss and caress her while Andrew undresses her and Jason removes her top layer of clothing, starting with her bra and working their way down. Then, at the same time, one begins to suck and touch her boobs while the other one gives her a pussy licking. After that, one of them gives her a pussy lick. Then, they switch places because Jason wants to suck her pussy just as much as she wants to lick his. Following that, the three of them are going to engage in sexual activity together. While she is masturbating on Andrew, Jason stuffs his cock inside of her and continues to do so. Once again, they switch places, and now it is Andrew’s turn to fuck her as she masturbates Jason. At the same time, Jason gives her the pleasure of slapping her in the butt, which brings her a great deal of pleasure. They will continue to fuck in a variety of positions till the other three of them arrive.