Jason Carrera - 02

Female POV Sex With Smart Suited Lothario

A smartly dressed lothario will give you a sensual massage, before undressing in order to give you the passionate sex that you dream of.

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In the luxurious setting of a posh bedroom, Antonia Sainz (POV) reclines upon silk sheets clad in an elegant ensemble of lacy lingerie and towering stilettos. Her partner, Jason Carrera, stands before her, showering her with compliments about her beauty and seductiveness. His lips meet hers in a passionate exchange that leaves little doubt about their mutual attraction.

Jason begins by caressing her velvety smooth legs from ankles to thighs until reaching her plush feet ensconced within dainty heels. Deftly removing them, he sets aside any barriers between them and proceeds to lavish affection upon her body. First comes the removal of his own suit jacket and tie followed by loosening the buttons of his crisp white shirt. Kisses rain down upon her neckline as his hands traverse the length of her torso to explore the swells beneath her bra. Soon enough, her golden tresses cascade across the pillows below as he showers her chest with tender kisses.

Antonia can hardly contain herself at the feel of his skilled fingers exploring every curve of her body. Breath hitching, she eagerly awaits the next stage of their passion-filled evening when he turns his attention to her most intimate region. Enraptured by the intensity of his touch, she gasps at the thrilling tides of pleasure coursing through her.

With consummate ease, Jason expertly navigates her body, finding hidden pockets of desire and fulfilling each wish for satisfaction. When her moans reach a crescendo, he responds instinctively by devouring her breasts once more before diving headlong into their coupling. Sheathed within her wet folds, Jason drives forward with calculated intent, matching her urgent rhythm stroke for stroke. At last, both find solace within the other’s arms and lose themselves fully to the throes of a tumultuous climax.

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