Tommy Gold - 03

Young Man Makes Love To You At Your Best Friend’s Wedding

Attendance at a wedding ceremony marking the eternal union of your best friend leads to you shamelessly letting yourself be fucked by a young male guest.

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Tommy Gold arrived at the hotel room where you were waiting for him. He was wearing a sharp black suit that accentuated his toned physique. You greeted each other warmly and quickly got ready to release the pent up passion from their earlier glances throughout the wedding ceremony.

You were already stripped down to sexy lace lingerie, lying seductively on the plush bed with its soft lighting setting the perfect ambiance for romance. Tommy removed your strappy bralets first, exposing your perky breasts that he immediately started lavishly kissing, biting and licking. His hands massaged your back and waist as he lowered himself on top of you to tongue your engorged nipples further. Your aroused state only intensified under his attentive ministrations.

Next, you watched excitedly as Tommy took off his jacket revealing his rippling torso beneath. He flexed his muscles playfully asking for your approval. You didn’t need anymore convincing than the sight of his fit form that ignited your fire even further. He pushed you down gently on the bed and buried his head deep into your southern regions, devouring your sweet spot with unparalleled enthusiasm and eagerness. You quivered profusely from the pleasurable vibrations emanating through your entire being as he feasted on you avidly.

After thoroughly bringing you close to the brink of ecstasy multiple times, he finally mounted you facing each other in reverse cowgirl position and slammed himself balls-deep within your walls. He wrapped his arms tightly around your waists to hold you together firmly, ensuring maximum contact between your chest areas while he vigorously thrust rhythmically, pushing past previous limits and boundaries you never realized existed.

Throughout the course of their intimate union, they affectionately rubbed, kneaded and pinched each others’ erogenous zones such as your busts, inner thighs, and feet alike that sent shockwaves of pleasure coursing through your whole systems.