VirtualRealPassion Olympic Games Charity Calendar

You Allow Yourself To Be Tag Teamed By Two Black Athletes

It’s every woman’s wet dream. TWO athletic black studs combining to send you into another realm of ecstacy with their powerful BBCs!

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At a shooting for a charity calendar, you find yourself in an unusual position with sportsmen Freddy Gong and Jesus Reyes. You feel your cheeks get red with shame as they strip for the shoot, but they kindly reassure you not to be worried. Their excitement is palpable as they fix their eyes on you. As their motives become more apparent, they suddenly seize the camera from your fingers and put it down. In the middle of the charity calendar shot, they dare you to touch their erect dicks, shedding boundaries of modesty and starting a sensuous interchange that will encourage you to explore deeper.

You begin stroking them simultaneously, but then one of them gets down on one knee to lick your pussy and the other gets up to stand up so you can yank him off. Then they both touch your bosoms. They then switch places and repeat the process. More sexual activity will follow. You continue masturbating Freddy, and Jesus is the one who sticks his dick in you first. Laying down, Freddy fucks you after that. They switch roles once again to accommodate both partners. When you get there, you masturbate simultaneously with them until you’re both drenched.