erotic VR couple clothed

Virtual Real Passion Hotel

You and your sexy BFF have been invited to the VirtualRealPassion House. Once there, a hunky member of staff is going to seduce and thrill you both!

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You and your beautiful BFF have booked a relaxing weekend at the famous VirtualRealPassion Hotel. But you’re not just going to be relaxed at this sexy hotel, you’re going to be licked, touched, and fucked!
When you arrive you are handed a ‘welcome pack’. You both eagerly unwrap it, and discover it is sexy outfits for both of you to wear. You put them on, and admire each other’s sexy bodies. You begin to dance and flirt. But then the doorbell rings. It is the hunky bellboy, and his dick is as hard as his body is smooth. He’s going to give you a massage, and then both he and your friend are going to start licking you out!