VirtualRealPassion - The after party

Sex With Tattooed Stud After The Party

Tattooed stud Dean Van Damme has a hangover, and he likes to cure it by having great sex with a beautiful woman like you.

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Dean Van Damme has been partying hard, and now he has a huge hangover. You hate to see hime like this, and you both know how he likes to cure his hangovers – making love to a beautiful woman. You let him snuggle up to you and lie back as he gently kisses and strokes your body. The naked hunk then spreads your legs, and buries his face into your pussy, tasting the sweet nectar that will revive his senses. Now he is feeling more like his old self. He takes his throbbing manhood into his hand, and then slides it into your now soaking wet pussy!