Jaxson Wolfe 2

Sex In The Office With Blonde Nordic Stud Jaxson Wolfe

When blonde Nordic stud Jaxson Wolfe has you in the office, you know the project is a done deal. You also know that it’s a done deal that you’re going to let him slide his thick cock into your wet pussy!

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Nordic sex God Jaxson Wolfe is in his office, putting the touches to an important project that you have both co-operated on. It’s such a relief to finally have got this business over, and now you can both relax a little. Immediately the contract is signed, the sexual tension rises. You have been fantasizing about Jaxon’s tight body for weeks, but you had to strictly keep your thoughts to yourself while you still had the project to finish. Now it’s over with, and you let your feelings for him escape into the open. You lie back on the desk and spread your legs, inviting him to have whatever he wants from your body. He takes off his top to reveal his toned upper body, knowing it’s going to make your pussy even wetter. He wants to taste your juices, so he gets between your legs, and gently licks your soaking wet love hole. After exquisite minutes of him lapping away at your pussy, he is ready to take out the throbbing tool from his pants, and slide it’s thick length into your body!