Lando Ryder topless toned abdomen female POV VR

Lando Ryder Serves You Coffee And Sex

Smooth talking coffee salesman Lando Ryder serves you up some coffee with added cream in this female POV VR porn movie for women.

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Lando Ryder sells speciality coffee online, and for his regular customers, he sometimes delivers his goods personally. There’s an extra special reason why he has visited you in person for the first time today though. He has done some Googling and discovered your Facebook and social media, and liked what he saw. Normally, you’d find that a little creepy, but one look at the toned physique of this handsome bearded dude, and you’re ready to forgive. You immediately escalate things and take off his t-shirt for a closer look. It’s just as you imagined, and his visible abs almost turn you into a quivering wreck. You feel your legs turning to jelly, so you get down to your knees and take Lando’s cock out of his pants. You gently tug at it with your hand, and then slide the now erect length of it into your mouth. You suck away at it, lubricating it with your saliva, giving him a wonderful blowjob in the knowledge he is about to return the compliment by licking your pussy!