Matthew Meier - 01

Handsome Young Student Cannot Resist Your Seduction

A handsome young student cannot resist your feminine charms, and is eager to swap his books for your sexy body!

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Matthew Meier walks into the room where you are engrossed in a book. With his notes in hand for his upcoming exam, he discovers to his dismay that his concentration is slipping away due to your ravishing appearance. Donning a striking red lingerie, you lie beside him, causing his body to react instinctually. Matthew confesses his struggle to maintain focus around someone as sensual as you and begins stroking your smooth skin. Soon enough, he becomes more hands-on by removing your garments piece by piece as you let out satisfied moans from his expert ministration. Eventually, Matthew reaches orgasm by receiving pleasure equivalent to what he bestowed upon you earlier during intercourse executed in missionary position to showcase his impressive physique while both of you relished in each other’s company. Upon completion, he releases his load onto your body as a final act of affection.